Guiding principles


CampusRO is a lighthouse project that will set new standards in many respects. These are innovative concepts that aim to meet today's requirements for building and operating a student housing facility with integrated boarding house (managed apartments).

Under the guiding principle of “Temporary space - Place of development”, CampusRO aims to offer ambitious talents the opportunity to live, learn and work together in a special place during their studies and to mature personally in the process.

In this context, the term “student dormitory” is outdated for us. Rather, it is intended to create very special living space, for living in a system developed for the new generation of students, optimised architecturally, technically, ecologically and economically.

Student housing at CampusRO is intended to serve as a lighthouse.
It must broaden the concept of housing for students, or bring it into line with expectations that have long prevailed.
To achieve this, CampusRO will allow the mix of activities, working, meeting, interactions as much as living as a family.
The boarding house (BOARDING-RO) with its managed apartments, is primarily oriented towards the needs of “Flying Profs” (university professors who are only temporarily in Rosenheim), international students and regional companies/employers. Moreover, to business travellers and tourists.

These guiding principles, taking into account the functional specifications, provide the framework for the development of an innovative space and operator concept.


Autumn 2021

First occupancy

from July 2020 to January 2022 

Construction phase

from April 2020 to
June 2020

Demolition of the existing hall

from February 2019 to July 2020

Planning phase

During this period, the approval procedures, tenders, award procedures and consolidated planning with BIM (Building Information Modelling) will take place.

January 2019

Commissioning of the designers

July to October 2018

Competition of architects

Drafting of the competition documents and registration according to RPW13 by the Bay. Chamber of Architects in the period from January to June 2018.
Processing period for competition participants and preliminary review of submitted design plans and models to CampusRO July to October 2018. Date for the prize jury 27.10.2018


In a competition, 16 invited architectural firms will present their designs. The international participant range was carefully examined and selected according to the CampusRO guiding principles.

A jury of highly decorated and experienced professional and expert prize judges will determine the winner of the competition by the end of October 2018. As a pioneer and lighthouse project, CampusRO is intended to point the way in particular with regard to the following aspects.

Optimised construction process

The mix of modular prefabrication and on-site assembly ensures high quality and optimised construction time.

Resource wood

The building material wood as an important regional, CO2-neutral and renewable raw material, will be the main component in the realisation of CampusRO.


The intellectual and material resources required for the construction of CampusRO are preferably drawn from the region.

Climate neutrality

Taking into account the entire manufacturing chain of the buildings, the construction and operation of CampusRO will follow a consistently climate-friendly path.

Building information modelling

BIM as a digital planning and pre-construction process:
The digital building model is both the central design tool and the data basis for the entire life cycle of CampusRO (designing, construction, operation up to demolition). 


Winning group

Krug Grossmann Architekten,

ACMS Architekten,

LOVE Architecture and
Urbanism, Graz

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